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Our Services

Professional & Affordable Carpet Care

Always Fair Pricing & Guaranteed Professional Service

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Standard Room 


We do it right. From pre-vacuuming every room to industrial fans to speed drying time, we deliver!
  *$90.00 minimum charge 



Nothing beats a clean couch on newly cleaned carpeting. We take care of everything!



Do you have stairs in need of deep cleaning? We'll take care of your stairs for only $2.00 per step!



We'll make your loveseat look like new again!

Pet Urine/Odor Removal


Let us know what you've got, and we'll give you a quote for highly effective urine and odor removal. 

Carpet Repair


Got unsightly carpet damage? We are carpet repair professionals. If it can be repaired, we are the ones to do it. Contact us for pricing!

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